Iran’s Sham Election

Internet Radio

…Anyway, I say the top story was the pseudo-election in Iran because all six candidates were approved by Mr. Big, the Muslim ayatollah who succeeded Khomeini and so it was basically a sham election yesterday. The Iranians are smart and clever and bona fide tricksters and dissemblers, and it is highly likely that while the other five candidates were seen as conservative, even reactionary, Rohani’s election as the “moderate” candidate in contrast to them was exactly what Khamenei wanted. The other five split the reactionary vote allowing this “maverick moderate” to win.

Well, this character has been an insider with the top dogs all his political life. There are photos of him at prayer in the first row just behind Ayatollah Khomeini. He also was in charge of leading Iran’s talks with the West over its nuclear project and of course that effort has never been anything but a scam…