Why They Hate Bennett?

Internet Radio

…The very word “Palestinian” is an antisemitic concept. It is inherently a verbal vessel bearing hatred of the Jews. In our time the word “Palestinian” conjures up Arabs, Muslim Arabs, Christian Arabs, Bedouin Arabs, Arabic-speaking Druze, Muslim Circassians who came in the 19th century; that’s a half-dozen communities in Palestine. All are “Palestinians”.

Only, there is another community in Palestine which is excluded from the definition of “Palestinian”: the Jews. We are as excluded from the concept “the Palestinians” as Jews have been excluded from lots of things throughout history: colleges, medical schools, private men’s clubs, exclusive residential areas, fraternities in universities, restaurants. I myself and my family in the early 1950s were basically barred from eating in a restaurant in our town, an upscale suburb of New York. There was one country club in the town; no Jewish members…