Leon Wieseltier

Internet Radio

…One of its recipients on Sunday was Leon Wieseltier who takes the cake for being one of the most obnoxious Jewish Leftist intellectual Israel-bashers while claiming, like Little Tommy Friedman and his former colleague at the New Republic Peter Beinart, how much he loves the country.

Like Alan Dershowitz, he attended Yeshiva of Flatbush High School and like him abandoned the faith while at the same time, parading his identity as a Jew as something that makes him exotic, and because his father was a survivor, he stakes a claim to being some kind expert on what it means to be Jew and on Israel.

He wrote a pretentious meditation on the mourner’s Kaddish in the 1990s which won him a National Jewish Book award, and here again he has won another prize. He is as much of a charlatan as the Obama he likely voted for…