Who Cares What They Say?

Internet Radio

…If Israelis were more Jewish they would understand that the international animosity towards Israel is not really about the tragic plight of the Ancient Palestinians but just this generation’s excuse for Jew-bashing.

The UN Human Rights Council meets on a regular basis and like many such organizations each participant is presented with a printed list of the agenda for the meeting, and Item No. 7 is always about the eternal crucifixion of the “Palestinians.”

The Council has 43 member-states I think, out of 193 at the UN, and there is no other state in the organization like Israel for having a permanent place on the agenda of each meeting.

Israelis are perpetually in a snit about this, but why? That the regimes in Iran, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Cuba, Turkey took turns on Monday in Geneva tongue-lashing the world’s only Jewish state for its abuse of non-Jews? And never mind the plight of the Copts in the Egypt sitting in judgment of us in Geneva; the hundreds of thousands Greeks on Cyprus driven from their homes by the Turks in 1975; the Kurds endlessly suppressed by the cruel Turks. Israelis should be a little less upset by such behavior by the goyim. But of course, that word is not in their vocabulary, and that absence speaks volumes about their misperception of the hostility to their country…