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…And it is significant, I think, that one after another, these Inside-the-Beltway, fence-sitters belong to the so-called Conservative movement in Judaism, a movement of fence-sitters who in the end fall off the fence on the side of the enemies of the Jews.

It is a little known fact of history that the Conservative movement was funded by Reform Jews in an effort to draw away from classical Jewishness those who wanted to keep the mitzvot but were willing to dejudaize their appearance. Off came the beards and payos, and just like Gentiles, the men and women would sit together in the synagogue.

In the beginning of the movement at the end of the 19th century, that is the way things were. A life of mitzvot but with one major change: the breaking down of the mechitza in shul, which led to the ultimate breaking of the mechitza between Jews and non-Jews. Today’s Conservative Jews are indistinguishable from the Reform, and in their views of Israel and its relations to the Arabs, they pretend to themselves they are on the fence, but in truth, they’re working for enemy by supporting his outrageous fantasies of a Palestinian nation with national rights to the identical land at the heart of the Bible, the promise of which is at the heart of the very idea of Jews…