Distorting Reality

Internet Radio

…Lastly, about the excitement of that announcement in Geneva yesterday by physicists who say they have finally seen the predicted Higgs boson sub-atomic particle they call the “God particle.”

I beg to differ. I remember as schoolboy, I think, they told us the universe was 4 billion years old. And then as a teenage they told us the universe was maybe 8 or 9 billion years old. Now they say 13 to 15 billion. And I suspect that the more they pursue its age, the further back in time they will go and never be sure.

Likewise, they seem to be saying we have reached rock bottom, “Eureka!” – found the smallest building block in the universe.

Once upon a time the Ancient Greeks said the smallest thing was an atom. And then later physicists discovered protons, neutrons and electrons, its components.

And then came the sub-atomic particles. And now this latest discovery of the “God particle.”

Well, I find the name if not blasphemous than pretentious. Man will never know the innermost secrets of G-d’s universe. That’s impossible because man is man and G-d is G-d…