“What Will The Goyim Say?”

Internet Radio

…At Auschwitz in the 1940s, that generation’s No.1 antiJew nation converted Jewish names into serial numbers, and in our time the Nations United – like Emperor Hadrian of Rome, the Adolf Hitler of the 2nd Century who invented the term Palaestina to replace the name Iudaea in use for two hundred years by Rome – refuse to use Yehuda and Shomron and call them instead the “Occupied Palestinian Territory.” In the footsteps of Emperor Adrianus, the UN has de facto awarded Judea and Samaria to the alleged descendants of the Philistines after whom Hadrian made up that name.

But in fairness to this generation’s antiJew goyim at the UN, they are only supporting the Jewish antiJews here who also insist that Yehuda belongs to the Neo-Philistines…