Their Medieval Minds

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Program Links: Israel is monster that eats children, in Palestinian art on PA TV
Egyptian Actors Pranked, Told They Are on Israeli TV Station

…Where are Abe Foxman and Elie Weisel when you need them? They are acutely attuned to Western-style antisemitism but about the culture-wide Jew-hatred in Araby they never say anything. When Sderot was being pounded and community life there destroyed, both these non-Israelis were mute, when in fact the hatred of Jews in Gaza today is as intense as the hatred of Jews in the Nazi Europe they both knew as boys.

In their defense I would say they defer to Israel to speak up about this, as it is part of the Arab war on Israel, and since no Israeli leader pins the tail in this donkey, the Muslim here, what do we want from Elie Weisel and Abe Foxman.

One would think our prime minister might have something to say in this regard, but he too is silent about the insane antisemitism that burns in the breasts of our barbaric neighbors. Indeed not a word of the Arabs’ positively medieval fear and hatred of Jews rooted in their own twisted psyches…