“….which the Palestinians claim…”

Internet Radio

…In the first paragraph of this New York Times editorial yesterday we of course saw the mendacious, anti-Jew formulation “West Bank” and “East Jerusalem” which “the Palestinians claim as their capital.”

And today I did a Google on that language “…the Palestinians claim as their capital” and in a flash the number of hits was posted. About 25,000,000 times that expression is out there in the blogosphere. We have heard it so often, again and again. Whenever Israel is scolded for wanting to improve Jerusalem in the former Jordanian (not Palestinian) sector, we are told again and again that the “Palestinians claim East Jerusalem for their capital.”

Oh they do, do they? All they have to do is claim that this real estate is what they want for a capital, and Israel has to give it to them? And if Israel goes not give it to them, Israel is the guilty, racist, fascist oppressor denying the Ancient Palestinians their capital? And we know it is their capital because they claim it…