Delusions About Jews

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…And now for some good news as we come to the week of Succot. It seems that the recent destruction of those three homes at Migron was upsetting for enough in Netanyahu’s own Likud Party so that he and others are now thinking of ways not to repeat that behavior. Something about it tells them it’s bad business.

I mean, I myself am a law and order man, and I wish some of these so-called outposts had greater legal documentation but so long as there is no action taken against the Arabs in Yosh who build at will, the double standard can only smell of old-fashioned antiJewism.

Talk about being isolated: the whole world thinks nothing of siding with the Arabs in their legally baseless claim that Judea and Samaria are “occupied Palestinian territory,” and therefore they can build at will – nobody says anything – while Jews may not.

Indeed when Israel does build it is called a provocation and not conducive to the atmosphere necessary to persuade the Jew-killer Mahmoud Abbas to return to the negotiating table. Israel even accepted a ten-month moratorium toward that goal but that failed; still such as Hillary Clinton and Baroness Ashton of the EU were chastising Israel last week for building more homes in the Gilo neighborhood.

One senses an awakening among Israelis to the unfair, double-standard here which no self-respecting Jew should respect. Ergo, no more demolishing of these unbelievably modest cottages for young couples with infant children built on empty acres from which no Ancient Palestinian had been thrown out of his house.

What is so sick about the hostility to the settlement moment is that no Arab was disposed of his home; no Arab had his furniture thrown out into the street and turned into a homeless vagabond forced to live in a cardboard shack because the Jews stolen his ancient home from him and threw him out of it. All the post-‘67 settlements were built on uninhabited acres.

So it was good news to read today of Likud MK Haim Katz, chairman of the Knesset Labor, Welfare and Health Committee who visited Samaria yesterday and criticized Defense Minster Barak for not signing off on new construction. Katz said, “Anyone who wants to uproot Jews from their homes after the failure of the retreat from Gaza and the communities in northern Samaria does not understand where he is living.”

So Bibi too is reported to be amenable to coming up with some legal fancy footwork to do an end run around the High Court’s diktat that these outposts are illegal and must be destroyed.

Our only hope and course of action must be to strengthen our hold on Yosh and Jerusalem and never weaken it. And to hell with those who fear this will isolate Israel even more.

So long as there are no trade sanctions against our healthy, productive industry’s products for sale, who cares what some in the conference rooms of the New York Times, Independent and Guardian think of us?