The Islamic Heart of the Matter

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…In the news today in several locales, as the publisher of Condi Rice’s book is now marketing it, we read her description of the unbelievable concessions made to her personally in private by that corrupt post-Jew Ehud Olmert which Abbas & Co. rejected.

Olmert offered in this stupidity, his foolishness, to surrender the Temple Mount to an international committee including the fanatical Jew-hating Saudis and Jordanians whose king rules by the belief he is a direct descendant of Muhammed – described by the great Rambam/Maimonides as an imbecile and a madman. Olmert wanted to see a committee of “wise men” run Jerusalem. And the reason Abbas & Co. rejected his offer, which included handing back 96% of Judea and Samaria, is that the offer still allowed for Jewish participation in this committee and the continued existence of Israel without a right of return for millions of Believers.

We have seen again and again that more than statehood, Abbas and others like have said that the right of return is paramount. It is the more important thing.

In other words, this right of return which reflects the Muslim claim to ownership of this Land, is the heart of the matter, the spiritual heart of the matter, which renders all material plans even for a two-state solution doomed to failure. The two-state solution implies joint ownership of this land which is something these Muslims cannot accept…