A Paralysis of Thought

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…Last night, thanks to the rain of terror missiles in the south, the demonstration planned for Beer-Sheva was canceled, the renewal after two months of the so-called social justice protests.

The one in Tel-Aviv however, was held, with far fewer demonstrators than hoped for by its Leftists organizers.

The demonstration also went ahead in Jerusalem, and in this morning’s JPost was a picture of that demonstration in which the largest banner on display read “Tsedek, Tsedek Tirdof / Justice, Justice, you will pursue” with even the citation: Deuteronomy 16:20.

This is one of the favorite quotes of dejudaized Jews used to rebuke the Jewish powers that be. In this case it was directed at the government, but mostly it is used by Leftists to bash those of us determined to hold onto what is rightfully ours: the last remnant of the land we took from the enemy in 1967, after having surrendered all of Sinai and destroyed the Jewish communities there in 1978-82, and then the surrender of the Gaza rectangle where we destroyed more Jewish communities that we had every right to remain in.

“Justice, justice, you will pursue.” I have heard more time than I can remember out of the mouths of anti-Israelites, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, especially Jewish Leftists who unwittingly in their use of this famous quote expose their ignorance, for it is only the first half of a verse. The second part fills out and completes the thought, but that is never quoted. And I doubt that any of those few thousand in the demo in the Holy City last night know, know the continuation of this verse. In full it reads this way in Hebrew: “Tsedek, tsedek tirdof, limaan tikhyeh veyarashtah et haaretz asher HaShem elokecha noten lach./Justice, justice, you shall pursue so that you will live and inherit the Land that HaShem, your G-d, gives you.”

Lots of ideas in that verse they don’t want to hear: the existence of a G-d that gives you a land; that you will inherit. Pursing justice in this sense leads to the possession of this Land, which certainly includes what most of these demonstrators call “Palestinian” territory.

There is a connection in this verse between righteousness – which by the way Artscroll translates tsedek in this context, and taking possession of this Land. Taking possession is inextricably connected to justice, to righteousness.

Maybe that is what is so infuriating about these dejudaized Leftists: Israel has every right to keep Judea and Samaria, and not fighting for this right is the height of injustice.

Which brings us back to Israelis like Bibi who say nothing of the criminal viciousness of Islam and nothing of our rights not to be attacked with these infernal rockets. All he can do is threaten the other side with military retaliation, not as an act of righteousness but just to make them stop…