The Arabs Build Like Crazy

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…Speaking before of Germany, maybe you saw JPost’s coverage last week and today of a German-government funded operation, EVZ, initial standing for “Remembrance, Responsibility, Future” which was created for the purpose of, among other things, teaching about the Holocaust. Instead this institution has run programs for Arabs in Israel in which Israel is compared to communist East Germany at its worst, using material showing crude drawings of Orthodox Jews in Israel vs. the oppressed Ancient Ones. Both the European Jewish Congress and the Simon Wiesenthal center have protested vigorously.

This outfit EVZ foundation was founded in 2000 and given 5 billion euros with a mandate to compensate inmates in Nazi slave labor camps and to educate about the Holocaust.

This is another not good sign out of modern Germany as it appears to be reverting to the Germany of old. Germany’s history, by the way, long before the 20th century, saw repeated anti-Jew operations of major magnitude.

And speaking of funding antiJew activities like this, Claudia Rossett at Pajamas did a sizzlingly good piece posted on 29 September called “US Taxes and the United Nations Money Pit.” One of the indicators of the moral corruption of our time is this organization, the UN, which began nobly in the hands of the anti-Nazi Allies of World War II but over time into this monstrous playground for Muslim and Third World dictatorships.

In 2001 the core annual budget of the UN was 2.6 billion dollars. Nine years later in 2010, it had ballooned to more than double: to 5.4 billion dollars annually, which I think is separate from the UNRWA budget and a host of other programs. So the UN’s it’s real annual spending is closer to 25 billion dollars, of which the US donates almost a third. The average UN staffer is now receiving salary and benefits worth over 200,000 dollars a year.

And speaking of money: how about Obama, Hillary and Panetta objecting to the Congressional decision to withhold 200 million dollars from the PA, really the PLO, the greatest international terrorist organization ever? The administration doesn’t want to punish the Ancient Ones for going to the UN with their statehood ploy even though that was threatened before.

What a corrupt age we live in, which can be traced to the year 1974 at the UN when the General Assembly vote after a decade of PLO terrorism to welcome Yasir Arafat with a standing ovation, the greatest international terrorist of the day, the Osama bin Ladin of the day, and to welcome the PLO as an observer in the Assembly. Ever since, the UN has never been the same. And neither has Israel.

It is simply mind-boggling that for the past 18 years the United States and the once upon a time leading Western countries have legitimized, called legal, these Arab cutthroats in the PLO, these airplane hijackers and bombers, and even have been shtupping this band of enemies of civilization with billions of dollars.

And all because post-Holocaust, this has been the only way for World AntiJewry to perpetuate its world-class, world historic hatred of the Jews…