Torching That Mosque

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…Did you see where French President Nicolas Sarkozy was reported by the French newspaper Le Canard Enchaine to have said to a cabinet meeting after he returned from the UN gabfest, “It is silly to talk about a Jewish state. It would be like saying that this table is Catholic. There are two million Arabs in Israel. The US has been asking Abbas for some time to come to the negotiating table and he is willing to do it because he is a statesman. Netanyahu, on the other hand, never fails to disappoint us. Only now he announced the construction of 1,100 housing units in the Arab part of Jerusalem. The Palestinians have been waiting for a state for 60 years now…”

There is so much antiJew ugliness in these few sentences, it could take a whole webcast to properly deprogram them. For starters, this last crack referring to Gilo, like Angele Merkel saying it was “near Jerusalem,” Sarkozy is another ignoramus about the real estate he feels entitled to dictate its future. Gilo was built on barren hillsides in Jordanian-occupied Balestine but was not part of Jerusalem in any material sense. No Arab called the area “Jerusalem” before 1967. Gilo is the Hebrew name for what the Arabs saw as part of Beit Jala, which their mispronunciation of the Hebrew Gilo which is just across the way.

And as “the Palestinians waiting 60 years for a state”: this is a double Orwellian re-writing of history. 60 years ago the Arabs rejected statehood as they had rejected it in 1937; this was the second time. And they did not call themselves “Balestinians.”

And as for his third obnoxious, ignorant remark, let’s wait till after some contrapuntal soothing words from Yosef Karduner…