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Program Links: LYONS: Only one solution to Iran: Regime change
Iranian E-Book: ‘The Holocaust – The Jews’ Greatest Lie’

…I said earlier and on other occasions that in Araby and Iran we are faced with hundreds of millions of Muslims who are as deranged about Jews as the European Nazis ever were. Likely even more so. While too many Europeans had no love for Jews, I imagine the truly crazy ones, the theorists of racial inferiority and the Jews’ plot to enslave the world were percentage-wise much less than in Araby and Islam.

These Muslims in their masses really seem flipped out at us Jews.

Check out the second link we’ll post this evening to a piece on a new Iranian E-book denying the Holocaust, that subtitled “The Jews’ Greatest Lie.” There is no detail, really, imagined detail of the history of the Holocaust that these madmen cannot “refute,” explain away. Check out this link and see how they deal with photographs of the concentration camp skeletons, those walking and those dead.

I am reminded of the years I spent in mental hospitals working with chronic schizophrenics so incapacitated they needed hospitalization under lock and key; some of them were so deep paranoia, no amount of reasoning can talk a person out of that. Reason with them as you will, and they will always have an explanation for the “truth” of their visions. And the mental agility is sometimes a wonder to behold.

Likewise with Ahmadinejad and Erdogan and Isma’il Haniyeh and Raed Salah the Islamist leader inside Israel. There is no reasoning with them, as there was no reasoning with Adolf Hitler.

The sooner the better that Iran is crippled as a menace to the world, better for the world, better for Israel.

What the world needs is a US president and maybe a UK prime minister prepared to help who will even provoke a clash with Iran which leads to the reduction of that country before it is too late…