Israel’s Sin in Gaza

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Webcast Title: Israel’s Sin in Gaza
Webcast Date: 06/17/2010
Length: 39:14 Minutes
Program Link: If Israel goes down, we all go down
(June 17, 2010) …There is an aspect of craven dhimmitude in this whole sorry episode of all these goy leaders in the West telling Bibi he has to ease up on the victims of the IDF last year. “Let them re-build the homes you Jews destroyed.”

And I say, no, because they don’t deserve to have their homes rebuilt. If they are living now among the ruins, tough. They deserve it. These people, this collective as a collective is as hateful of Jews as European Nazis were. And if they don’t like living in the ruins, they should not have applauded when their rocket-launcher boys fired all those thousands of rockets into Jewish apartments in Sderot and homes in the kibbutzim. Off the top of my head, like that poor fellow in Nir Am who created a popular Indian food restaurant which one day took a direct Qassam hit and was completely obliterated. And he never rebuilt.

The nerve, the chutzpa of these Arabs to whine about the rain of armaments the IDF let loose last year. All Israel was doing was returning some of the projectiles launched at us over eight years.

But don’t expect Baroness Catherine and Tony Blair to demand of the Hamas that they pay for the damage they did to us. We have to allow them to rebuild.

Why does Israel have to allow the enemy to rebuild? The enemy is suffering? The enemy brought it on himself.

By the first week in May of 1945, Germany was a landscape of rubble, ruined, bombed out cities and railroads and factories, and there was likely not one journalist in the West who wrote one column weeping over the surviving Germans living in the ruins.

Israel’s problem, Israel’s sin from Day One has been the opposite of the slander of the AntiJews. Israel’s sin has not been its cruelty to the Ancient Ones in Gaza but its mercy.

Israel has every right now to start bombing tomorrow and continue bombing until Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas surrenders, as surely as the German high command surrendered after that Archdevil Hitler killed himself.

The Washington Post today cited Sari Bashi, an Israeli, head of the pro-enemy Israeli NGO called Gisha, which means “approach” or “coming together.” She advocates an end to the blockade and she said, “The restrictions on goods into and out of Gaza was instituted not for security reasons, but rather as part of a declared policy to restrict the movement of people and goods as a means of applying pressure on the Hamas regime.”

She protested this and I ask, “Why?” Hers is an accusation, when there is nothing more normal than this age-old behavior. It is part of siege warfare. What’s the problem, Sari?

She went on kvetching, though I imagine an Israeli like her just hates the sound of Yiddish. She said, “The express purpose of this policy is to block all economic activity in Gaza.”

Of course. What’s the problem?

You know, there have been over the last year numerous items in the news about Europeans either already in clandestine talks with Hamas or gearing up for that soon, and that is what this Israel-bashing is all about. Tony Blair, Baroness Ashton, the Norwegians and the Swedes and the Irish antisemites are nothing these days if not backers of the people in Gaza who brought Hamas to power.

Sixty-five years after Hitler committed suicide, they have come to side with this generation’s Nazi-like Jew-haters and Jew-killers…

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