The Guilt of the Palestinians

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Webcast Title: The Guilt of the Palestinians
Webcast Date: 06/22/2010
Length: 37:27 Minutes
Program Link: Israel and the Surrender of the West
(June 22, 2010) …So this A-Level geography textbook in England, which some Jewish organization is protesting against, while citing Israel’s “stated reason” for the building of the security barrier, nonetheless “highlights the severe restriction of movement on people most of whom are not bombers.”

And that is not the end of it. This textbook then continues to say that this barrier is a form of “surreptitious expansion.” Ooh, nice expression, conveying a) our aggression against the Ancient Ones while b) we carry it out underhandedly, behind the scenes in a kind of, what, conspiracy?

And as for the suicide bombers: well, these author-educators of young English minds explain that, “They have no government, no country, no army and few resources – so they resort to bombing to make their point.”

Not a word here about horny teenage boys believing suicide the way to an eternal orgy with not only women but virgins so that every coupling is a deflowering which commonly can be painful for the distaff. Thank G-d in her healthy relations with her husband she only has to go through the experience once.

While these young Arab males fantasize every copulation as a forcible deflowering.

Not that the British educators of this A-Level geography textbook see this. They see suicide bombing as making a point that the bomber has “no country, no army, no resources.”

There is a matrix of Arab myths here. That the Arabs no army, have no resources. Never mind the 21 states with 21 armies and resources of oil wealth unknown to all other peoples in the world.

“No resources”? The Arabs don’t have money, you see, to liberate Palestine. And that’s the point the suicide freak is trying to make.

AntiJewism comes in a variety of styles and flavors. Maniacs like Ahmadinejad and Osama bin Ladin have their shtick when it comes to trash-talking the Jews, and so do the British, albeit in a different manner. Think of the way the BBC covers our constantly being mauled by these brutal people. What happened on the Mavi Marmara was just the last episode in thousands of episodes over the entire span of Zionism in which crazed Muslims came at Jews to murder and mutilate. In the pogrom in Hevron in 1929, when a mob of these savages invaded a Haredi yeshiva and slew 69 young boys studying, they also slashed and mutilated lots more who survived but without toes and fingers, hands and eyes.

Jews don’t do such things. We can kill. We can and – G-d have mercy – have murdered. But this kind of grisly knife and ax-work is just not our style.

It’s not the style either of the educators in England. But they understand, don’t they, the motivation of Ancient suicide bombers: it’s because of the Jews denying them a government, a country, their army and resources…

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