Antisemitism Denial

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Webcast Title: Antisemitism Denial
Webcast Date: 06/15/2010
Length: 36:06 Minutes
(June 15, 2010) …So this morning we learned that the government has come up with a committee to investigate the Marmara episode which will include, as an observer, the pro-Israel Northern Irish Protestant Nobel Prize winner David Trimble, and the White House spokesman Robert Gibbs has praised this committee.

But the U.N., via the mouth of Ban Ki-Moon, is still not satisfied and will seek an international investigation on the premise that Israel cannot investigate itself.

O for an Israeli leader who will stand up and say there is nothing to investigate. Everything is out in the open as to who these antiJews were on this ship, and that Israel has had enough of these inquisitions every time we defend ourselves. Every one begins with the accusation of war crimes that must be investigated.

Enough already. This business of trying to placate irrational, delusional enemies of the Jewish people with attempts to prove our innocence has got to stop…

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