“What were they thinking?”

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Webcast Title: “What were they thinking?”
Webcast Date: 06/01/2010
Length: 39:50 Minutes
(June 1, 2010) …I think this fiasco this week has Ehud Barak’s spiritual finger prints all over it, his thinking. He is the Defense Minister, where the buck stops, and for sure if any one man is responsible for overlooking this possibility, it is he, Ehud Barak, prince of the socialist communes that dominated the Zionist movement for a generation, from the early 1930s to 1977.

Back in the year 2001, I think, in January, when Ehud Barak as prime minister still, four months into the satanic massacres of the second intifada, ran against his challenger Arik Sharon, he was interviewed by Ari Shavit in Haaretz. And it was the most unusual interview I have ever seen anywhere because the interviewer did not ask one question. It was like reading a transcript of a monologue by Ehud Barak. Shavit just turned on his recorder and let him ramble. And his rambling thoughts on the situation at that time, and why he should remain prime minister, left a strong impression on yours truly. I read a train of thoughts which told me – to my horror – this supposed clever fellow who studied Systems Analysis, I think, at MIT for a bit, this most decorated fighter – had an uneducated and an untrained mind.

Which makes sense because I spent a few brief periods living in an Israeli kibbutz just like Ehud’s. I know the culture and I am not surprised he turned out the way he did.

These were communards, those who dominated the secular Zionist movement who junked thousands of years of Jewish culture and belief and saw themselves re-inventing not only the Jews but human society by their communal way of life; by first breaking up the nuclear family; taking new-borns from their mothers at six weeks and raising them communally. Mother and child would spend hours together during the day but not at night. The children slept in the Children’s House.

These were admirers of Karl Marx who was notoriously deficient when it came to human psychology, the way people really are by nature. The Marxists thought they knew better than nature.

And this is a major reason why Marxism failed because its inventor was an angry, ugly human being who did not understand mankind. These Marxists had so little appreciation of the human person and what the person naturally tends to and shies away from and can aspire to; and cannot reach.

Well, Ehud Barack was raised in a society whose wisest leaders believed in 1993, like Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin, that it was possible to shake hands with Yasir Arafat and agree on a nice neighbor policy with conditions that he and his people would faithfully uphold and adhere to.

For Peres and Rabin; for Beilin, for Ehud Barak, Arafat was a man you could do business with.

And it is no coincidence that none of these idiots in their adult lives worked in business, ran a business, did business with other people. They were always on the public dole one way or the other.

In a nutshell, the entire edifice of the world-famous Oslo Peace Process rested on the judgment of these post-mitzvot Israeli men that Arafat was a man Israel could do business with.

And here is Ehud Barak, or so it seems, behind this shocking trap the IDF dropped into, which should not surprise. It seems not to have occurred to Barak & Co., who signed off on this mission, that our sons would be met as they were on the deck of Marmara by dagger-wielding, Jew-hating, homicidal Muslim maniacs…

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