AntiJew Hysteria

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Webcast Title: AntiJew Hysteria
Webcast Date: 06/08/2010
Length: 38:32 Minutes
(June 8, 2010) …For sure these days, as Der Spiegel reported today on line, the whole world is furious with Israel for last week’s boarding of an enemy supply ship and having to kill as we now know, religious fanatics who had been praying we would martyr them, and they forced us to do that. After which the man behind the operation, Erdogan of Turkey the fanatic has gotten to pontificate all week long to the world this was a “crime against humanity,” a term/a phase, if memory serves, first used at the Nurnburg war trials against the captured Nazis.

Like Holocaust Deniers who constitutionally simply cannot tolerate conceiving of Jews as innocent victims of irrational, unjust baseless aggression, because they are creatures of evil incarnate, so Erdogan and Ahmadinejad. The latter must deny the Holocaust because he just can’t deal with it, while the former can accept the historical truth of the Holocaust but then he must paint the Jew as Nazi-like himself in order to diminish the moral impact of the meaning of the Holocaust. Haters like Erdogan can accept the historicity of the Holocaust but then must go on to see the Jews on a moral level today equal to Nazis, which mitigates their claim on the conscience of the world. What’s going on these days is nothing less than an hysterical wave of antisemitism the likes of which we have not seen since before the Holocaust. A Nazi-like hatred of Jews in the 1930s which was not confined to Germany or Austria. Make no mistake; it was all over Europe, as today’s Israel-bashing is likewise a global phenomenon.

It is simply a kind of mass hysteria, this international demand that the Jews be put on trial by an international court for their inhuman murder of nine innocent peace activists.

There is a craziness here, which the government of Israel, I believe, is mishandling to the extent it is unaware – is even in denial – as to the crazy antisemitism propelling this heating up of the atmosphere, this hysteria that the Arabs in Gaza are any poorer than they ever were.

Israel denies them building materials for experience has shown that they would not be used to re-build homes and hospitals but be stolen by Hamas and used for their operations of death against us Jews.

I don’t think Bibi and his defense minister, prince of the communes Barak fully understand what is being done to Israel these days. What was done to Jews throughout the Middle Ages. Accused of demonic crimes, tested in rigged trials. Tortured. Executed.

In Jerusalem, they’re just not thinking Jewish enough to my satisfaction…

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