“The Whole World Shocked!”

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Webcast Title: “The Whole World Shocked!”
Webcast Date: 06/13/2010
Length: 36:36 Minutes
(June 13, 2010) …In the International Herald Tribune on Friday, there was an op-ed piece by three, count ‘em three foreign ministers in Europe: Bernard Kouchner of France, Franco Fratini of Italy and Miguel Moratinos of Spain who together wrote, well here’s the lede sentence: “The whole world was shocked by the tragic consequences of the Israeli military operation conducted in international waters against the ‘Peace Flotilla’ convoy of ships. Nothing can justify the use of such violence and our countries immediately condemned it.”

Nominally still Roman Catholic Spain and Roman Catholic Italy (officially Catholic until 1984) and mostly Catholic France condemned Israel for this “shocking” violence. And for sure this is not the first time such Catholic Europeans have condemned Jews for our allegedly evil behavior.

They said, “The whole world was shocked…” And I presume they included, what, hundreds of millions of Chinese peasants who couldn’t sleep that night; hundreds of millions of Hindu villagers.

Perhaps the whole of the Inuit/Eskimo community in Alaska couldn’t sleep in their igloos this past week due to the shock to their systems when they were informed of this shocking, unjustifiable behavior by Jews.

“The whole world.” I guess that means deep in the jungles of New Guinea and the Amazon basin and among the headhunters in Africa; Africans living around the Serengeti Plain. “The whole world was shocked,” they said.

This is the voice of Antisemitism circa 2010. This is anti-Jew hostility in our generation.

In every generation antiJewism mutates; like an amoeba it changes shape. Like an actor in a play who wears one costume in Act I and in Act II comes out in a different costume, disguised, so the AntiJew goose-stepped off the stage of history in 1945 and after the Jews returned to rule in Jerusalem and Bethlehem in 1967 he re-emerged no longer in leather boots but a checked keffiya as an Ancient Palestinian Freedom Fighter.

Here is Miguel Angel Moratinos of Spain whose government rejects independence for the Basque people – that’s a real ancient people; rejects independence for the people in Catalonia. They would like their independence too; at least some would. Here were these three European foreign ministers devoting hours last week to the absence of statehood for the suffering Ancient Ones in the Gaza rectangle, victims of Israel’s siege

That flotilla was meant to bring supplies to the starving Ancient Ones. These European foreign ministers called it the Peace Flotilla. And they said that this “crisis shows that Israel must abandon the logic of violence.”

And never mind that NATO forces are being very violent against violent Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

This is the post-Holocaust face of antiJew irrationality and hostility…

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