Surrounded by Madmen

Internet Radio

…This was the thinking of Adolf Hitler. In his first meeting with Haj Amin al-Husseini in Berlin in 1941, Hitler told him they had a common enemy. Hitler believed that his two greatest enemies, the Bolsheviks to the east in the Kremlin and the Capitalists to his West in the White House, were really fronts for the Jews who manipulated them both. Hitler seemed to have marveled at the oddity of the Communists in Moscow and Capitalists in Washington in an alliance against him. Hitler believed (and not without reason) that the Bolsheviks were all Jews (half of them were) and of course in the West, it was Jewish bankers who dictated to the White House.

Well, this delusion of a globe-encircling Jewish subterfuge to dominate the whole world is Erdogan’s too. In other words, this guy is as clinical about Jews as Hitler was…