Fratricide as a Way of Life

Internet Radio

…What a world. What a scenario. The White House is taken over legally by Muslim crusaders whose leader is out to bankrupt America.

So this latest maneuver by the Obama administration, bringing this bin Ladin son-in-law into Federal court in Manhattan, he who surely knows lots of secrets about al-Qaida but will not be interrogated as he would be in Guantanamo… this latest Obama-Holder stunt is grounds for impeachment and removal but of course no one in Congress will lead that campaign.

And I think one of the reasons for this, one of the reasons no one has truly campaigned to expose his birth-certificate as a forgery is fear. Real, live, human fear of violence from this man Obama and his supporters. I find him a scary dude. There are expressions on his face photographers capture that I have never seen on any American presidents’ faces. I think he is liar, an imposter but nobody is standing to him precisely because he is so scary.

I think that AIPAC and the Jewish Democratic senators are afraid of him too…