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…This UN report signed by an international civil servant, Her Moral Majesty Navi Pillay of India, Highest Commissioneress of Human Rights, said that “all parties to the conflict, Gaza Palestinians and the IDF failed to respect international law.”

Israeli being Israelis, they of course focused on the exoneration in this instance but overlooked the moral pollution of the larger context in which both sides are held to the same standard. The report’s idea of even-handedness is taking both sides to task for “failing to respect international law.”

I read that and got morally nauseous. Doesn’t this High Commissioner on Human Rights know that the Hamites in Gaza are terrorists, international terrorists, criminals who are known solely for their terrorist atrocities, the grossest violation of human rights imaginable, the murder of fellow human beings at random? These are people whose very existence is coterminous with the criminal violation of law…