Degrees of Madness

Internet Radio

…When we were told by the delusionists on the White House lawn that those two criminals, Arafat and Abbas, were now finally ready for peace with Israel, some of us did not believe it. The Oslo delirium on exhibit on that sunny day almost two decades ago now was built upon the belief that one could trust the word of these two savage barbarians, these two murderers of innocent people. The logic of that sick ceremony was that in the past these two villains may have been mass murderers of innocent people, but now they had become advocates of peace and friendly relations with the Jews. Oslo rested on the implicit belief that one could trust the word of slime like Arafat and Abbas, the doctor of Holocaust denial. I find it fascinating how we could all watch David Irving goose-stepping in the Old Bailey courtroom in London strutting his stuff as a lunatic Holocaust Denier, as in the West sober observers look upon men like him as nutcases.

But not Dr. Abbas, PhD. This guy is as much of a nutcase as David Irving but is still seen as the great white hope of peace between his victimized authentic owners of Palestine people and the Jews in Israel…