The Israeli Narrative

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…It is also a fact that of the eight founding terrorists in Fatah in 1959, all had been boyhood members of the Muslim Brotherhood youth group.

Michael Oren and Bibi Netanyahu and Haaretz and AIPAC live in a world where the Two-State Solution is The Solution. Everybody knows that – but in reality the Two-State Solution, as the enemies of Israel conceive of it, will never happen.

No Israeli regardless of political or religious or atheistic bent who is not insane wants to see the high ground overlooking Ben Gurion Airport in the hands of Arabs absent the presence of the IDF and the Jewish communities who live on this high ground.

Nobody, regardless of political party who is not suicidal thinks it would be a good idea if all the Jews abandoned their homes and all the Israeli police and army too, and in their place 100% Arab sovereign rule would take over, which is what Barack Hussein has in mind. And all antisemites like him. But this is not going to happen…