Israel: Islam’s Worst Nightmare

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Program Link: Nonie Darwish: Why Muslims must hate Jews
Special Audio Feature by Mark Levin:
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…“After a lot of thinking, analysis, research and writing I discovered that Jew hatred in Islam is an essential foundation to the Islamic belief system that Muslims cannot seem to be able to rid themselves of. Jew hatred masks an existential problem in Islam. Islam is terrified of the Jews and the number one enemy of Islam is the truth that must be constantly covered at any cost.” She describes how Muhammad at first made nice to the Jews but when they rejected him as one of and really the last and greatest of their prophets, he, in her words, flipped out. “The Quran changed from love to threats and then pure hatred, cursing and commandments to kill Jews. Rejection by the Jews became an intolerable obsession with Mohammed.”

She also observes how the Jews of Medina, to which he fled, earned their living from legitimate and successful business versus Muhammad and followers who stole theirs, for that is who the Arabs always were: raiders, marauders, highwaymen said Rashi a thousand years ago writing from France.

Well, I am going to do something I’ve never done before, which is “share” so to speak a webcast with another, because I cannot improve upon so much of what she has to day in this relatively short piece. I am going to yield so to speak some of my time to her.
So I am as usual going to put up some music but encourage to you all to download this link and read what she has to say. Note especially how she confirms my views in her last sentence in which she claims “without Jew hatred Islam would self-destruct…”