The Arabs Are All Mixed Up

Internet Radio

…I don’t know its source but there is something in Arab culture which produces a society in which reality is always perceived as false, a false front. Behind everything is a conspiracy, a deeper truth which puts the lie to the perceivable world. Reality is always veiled. Nothing is as it appears. It is a paranoiac’s experience of life.

Mentioned in the previous segment was the US combat in Iraq where at first Saddam’s captured officers were interrogated and shown to be, one after the other, all capable of beating the lie detector. Lying was functionally second nature to them. And at the time I remember webcasting to listeners how long ago the GSS also learned of the futility of attaching lie detectors to capture terrorists. In the West, intelligence agents are taught, trained to beat such equipment and it takes practice and not all are adept at it.

But in Araby, dissembling is a way of life…