Ignorance & Denial at the Times

Internet Radio

…The ignorance of life in Israel and the surrounding Arab culture never ceases to amaze when it appears as it does all the time in the international chatter about Israel. Ignorance and denial of what is known.

Let’s take the denial first. Consider the anonymous editorialist in the New York Times – more like a Catholic priest unseen in his confessional or the Wizard of Oz hiding behind his curtain – expressed his sage New York Times opinion that Mitt Romney’s speech here two days ago was “certainly inflammatory” which “insulted the Palestinians by declaring that cultural differences not decades under Israeli occupation are the reason Israelis are more successful economically”.

The stupidity here is vast and deep. One of the cliches about Jews – which like all cliches reflects some truth – is that Jews are good in business which makes sense because they’re good in other things like the pure sciences, medicine, music, literature and technology. Why not in business too?

The South Koreans certainly would disagree with the New York Times which is why they are studying Talmud these days…