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…Islam is led by savages and in our generation we find ourselves led by villains like Barack Hussein Obama who likes Islam and in June 2009 reached out to shake hands with the Muslim Brothers and is still up to that. Aided and abetted by that spoiled abyss of ambition Lady Macbeth Hillary Clinton.

While the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee John Kerry recently came back from Cairo where he said he had two candid discussions with the new president, which led him to advise β€œIt would be a mistake for us to pull back from our engagement with a free and democratic Egypt.”

John Kerry, you see, this shallow aristocratic, this political dupe, thinks that the recent voting in Egypt is the sign of a free and democratic people.

What the West needs today is a Winston Churchill, the one who as a young soldier actually fought Islamists in the same Pakistan – Afghanistan region as today, and in Sudan and called Islam, I paraphrase, the greatest retrograde force in the world. He wrote that in the 1890s and it is still true…