Israelis Don’t Get it

Internet Radio

…In other words, as in Egypt, the Islamists would take control. To prevent that, the PA is allowing, and happy to have, the IDF arrest Hamas rivals and keep them in Israeli prisons and that way not have to account for their incarceration “in the Arab street.”

And not only is Hamas a threat in Judea and Samaria: as always in Araby with its tendency to clustering in gangs and the creation of rival gangs, Hamas is being challenged in Yosh by Hezb-ut-Tahrir/ the Party of Liberation, another Islamist cult group with dreams of a world-embracing caliphate. They recently held rallies to which tens of thousands showed up.

Which situation should not surprise. What the antiJews have done over the half-century is play the “Palestinian Narrative” gambit, i.e., the framing of their war against the restoration of the Jews to Eretz Yisroel as an “anti-imperialist, Third World war of national liberation.”

Balderdash. Nationalism is beyond the comprehension of these Hamites who remain largely sub-national, mired in their tribalism. They have never been able to rise to the highest form of social organization known to man, to nationhood.

All they have as a communal ideology is religion and that is not good enough…