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…Well, last week a new United States ambassador took up his post here, one Dan Shapiro who apparently hitched his wagon in 2007 to the future Ayatollah Barack Hussein in his campaign for the White House. That early on Dan Shapiro got on the bandwagon with him says something about him.

Looking at his CV, it seems that Dan Shapiro is yet another careerist of Jewish extraction who sells his identity for prestige and success among anti-Jews. He is yet another like LTF, Saint Thomas Friedman, a graduate of Brandeis University which was created by Americans of Jewish extraction in the late 1940s desperate for their children to succeed in America – and never mind that the Jews in Eretz Yisrael at the same time in Israel were being mercilessly murdered and maimed by Arabs.

During his college years, Shapiro did his year abroad in Israel so he speaks Hebrew to a degree. He majored in Near East and Judaic Studies which of course is not to be confused with Judaism. The approach is basically the same used in antiJew Christian seminaries over the last 150 years.

After Brandeis, Shapiro went to Harvard for two years and emerged with a Master’s degree in Middle Eastern Politics.

A master’s degree in Middle Eastern Politics. Does that mean he has become a master of Middle Eastern politics? Has Dan Shapiro ever used his mastery of Middle Eastern politics to shape and guide the region in its journey through time?

Dan Shapiro is a master of Middle East politics, and according to Akiva Eldar last week in the abominable Haaretz, Shapiro is not here to masterfully make peace between Israel and our Balestinian victims but, “Rather, his goal is to promote peace between the American president and American Jewish leaders. His main job will be to dismantle every Israeli land mine on his boss’s road to a second term.”

Looking again at his CV, after in 1993 he became a master of Middle Eastern politics leastwise in the eyes of Harvard University, he went to work for Congressman Lee Hamilton, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, no great friend of the world’s only Jewish state.

And according to Akiva Eldar, when the Balestinians signed the Oslo Accords in the fall, he cheered. He was a “fervent admirer of then Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.”

Then he went to work, after the Republicans captured Congress in 1994, for the allegedly Jewish but not Halachically so Senator Dianne Feinstein as her senior foreign policy advisor. A year later, Feinstein refused to co-sponsor a bill to move the American Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. Presumably she was advised to do that by Dan Shapiro. It was believed at the time, you see, that the initiative was the sinister handiwork of the Israeli Right and its supporters in Congress who wanted to derail the peace process.

Translation: Dan Shapiro was a big supporter of the Oslo Abomination, and now, by hitching his wagon to that of the Imam in the White House, he has become U.S. Ambassador to Israel and he will get to live in a big, beautiful home in Herzlia with lots of servants as he masterfully sells the virtues of his political master Emir Barack Hussein to the people of Israel as he works toward his re-election.

In other words: another in the mold of Martin Indyk and LTF and Aaron David Miller and Danny Kurtzer, hustlers and hucksters of Hebrew heritage pretending to be big friends of Israel as they serve anti-Israel masters…