Thousands Terrorized

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…Yeah, for an aging deprogrammer like myself, one of the interesting facets of this latest episode of if not crucifying Jews then terrorizing them with 80 missiles/projectiles on Friday and Shabbos, which slew a 38 year-old husband and father. I think in fact I sort of heard him die. Last evening after Arvit, I was chatting outside with a friend before we all went home to make Havdalah and we heard a boom. A couple of booms actually and wondered what they were. Well, about a half-hour later on the news it was reported that just about the time we heard those booms, in Beer-Sheva, which maybe 25 air mile, as the crow flies, away, two enemy rockets landed, one of which killed this Jewish man, as literally probably hundreds of thousands of Jews these last 48 hours have been terrorized to some degree.

They say now one million people in Israel are within range of the rockets in Gaza and of these 80 projectiles they were falling all over the place: Beer-Sheva, Ashdod, Ashqelon, Gan Yavneh, Ofakim. Homes were damaged, vehicles destroyed, sirens terrorizing thousands of Jews into running for cover.

That was on my mind before thinking about torturing Jews to death as a major activity in the performance of Roman Catholic tradition. Today hundreds of thousands of Jews have also been terrorized, dozens hospitalized in shock. And the world is mostly silent.

Mostly, if not completely. Still, listen to the words of Lady Macbeth Clinton after last Thursday massacre of Jews. “The United States condemns today’s attacks in southern Israel and all acts of terrorism in the strongest terms.”

This is a fine example of what Bat Yeor calls dhimmitude, the transformation of otherwise civilized Westerners into vassals of these menacing Muslims. What Hillary said is textbook PLO terrorist talk. Until the 1980s, Arafat rejected the term terrorism altogether; for him this was the” armed struggle.” But due pressure from the US and the West to renounce terrorism, he became to say he renounces terrorism “in all its forms,” meaning Arabs committing terrorism and Israelis committing terrorism. Moral equivalence. If the Arabs commit terrorism against the Jews, then the Jews commit terrorism against Arabs.

And here is Hillary, having assimilated, probably not even consciously the Arab dictate that Arab slaughters of Jews can never criticized in isolation. One must also criticize, by implication, the same crimes committed by others. So here Hillary condemned “the attacks in southern Israel and all acts of terrorism,” so that the Arabs can interpret her words to mean Israel’s “aggression” in Gaza that evening against the PRC gang leaders was also “terrorism.”

Yesterday, Hamas announced that it is no longer committed to the lull (tadiya?) with Israel. “There is no longer a lull in the face of the ongoing massacre that Israel commits against the Palestinian people without any justification.”

Again, as if the attack on the Eilat road never happened.

With such people as this, with minds like this that cannot see in Israel’s counter-strike the exercise of the human right to hit back when attacked, all talk and negotiations with such human beings are a waste of breath.

The Oslo peace process has been a waste of breath for almost two decades now. Breath being to something holy, the breath of G-d…