Moses as Bin Laden

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…The foregoing news story on this politically correct British opera director re-writing the Book of Exodus – by the way, he’ll be working in Israel next month – it should not have been too surprising a story given the atmosphere in certain circles in Europe’s chattering classes. Last week in her mid-week column JPost’s Caroline Glick reported the information that in Oslo the day before that madman Anders Breivik’s massacre of the summertime campers in the Norwegian Labor Party‘s summer camp, the party’s Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store, a well-known anti-Israelite, paid them a visit and spoke of the need to destroy the security barrier Israel built to defend Jews from exploding Muslim maniacs.

The campers also role-played that day being Hamas Arabs breaking Israel’s lawful blockade; and they held signs aloft calling for a boycott of Israel.

Part of the problem may be the failure of Israel’s public diplomacy to keep abreast of the spread of the poison of the Palestinian narrative – which is not easy when your own Prime Minister has also come out in support of the proposition that the Ancient Ones desire a state in the middle of the Jewish people’s Promised Land and he is ready to give it to them.

Following the horror of what that lunatic Anders Breivik did, Maariv interviewed the Norwegian ambassador here in which he basically justified Arab terror against us because of the “occupation,” he said. He admitted there was a similarity between Breivik’s massacre and what happened at the Hotel Park in Netanya in 2002 – he was serving in the country at the time in a lower capacity – but he said he was not sure if they were identical. The difference, he said, is that the Palestinians attack Israelis with a definite goal in mind i.e. to end the occupation.

For this Norwegian, then, the world before May, 1967 did not exist. The world came into existence with the Israeli occupation in June, which is the norm now in Enlightened Europe. This is how they see history. Prior to the Six-Day War and Israel’s victory, Israel and the “Palestinians” had no history.

Worse, Europeans like this have a way of tolerating if not exactly blessing terror atrocities against us Jews, using a standard of course they do not apply to their own Anders Breivik.

This Ambassador Sven Sabia, also sounding like Catherine Ashton, said Norwegians see settlements as illegal in international law. Again, that’s Israel’s fault for never ever telling the world, as Ronald Reagan opined, they may be ill-advised and counter-productive – that’s a judgment call which only time will judge – but they still are legal…