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Program Link: Egyptian Cleric Dr. Sallah Sultan, Founder of the American Center for Islamic Research, Calls to Kill Israeli Ambassador and Tourists in Egypt

…In Maariv yesterday there was a kind of follow-up to last webcast’s follow-up to the boys in Afghanistan story, whose larger context was sexuality in Islam in general. Citing the Sunday Times of Malta, which by the way is in spitting distance of Libya, Maariv said that those beautiful Libyan women we used to see in Ninja uniforms who were presented over the years as Gaddafi’s bodyguards, presumably volunteers because they loved El Supremo so much, were in truth recruited against their will and in the service were regular targets for rape by Gaddafi and his sons and their friends.

What a degenerate culture these Arabs propagate. has covered the Egyptian press in its response to the massacre of Jews near Eilat and the subsequent killing of five Egyptian soldiers. The veteran government newspaper down there, Al-Ahram, the country’s largest in circulation, editorialized by accusing Israel of planning this assault on the Egyptian soldiers. In the mind of the columnist, the shooting of the Egyptians was not the accidental outcome of events that day but their planned purpose, for the whole episode was the handiwork of the Israelis who infiltrated the PRC terror group and engineered the attack. In the mind of this columnist, it was an Israeli trick to get the PRC to attack those cars so that the IDF could then, in the end, be able to kill the Egyptian soldiers nearby. The whole thing was an Israeli operation from start to finish.

In the independent newspaper Al Destour, another columnist likewise wrote, “We cannot rule out that the attack in Eilat was carried out by Israel, considering that it coincided with the escalation of protests within Israel…”

You got that? To distract attention from the social justice tents, the summer jamboree adult campers here, Netanyahu got the PRC to launch that attack which ended with the killing of the Egyptian soldiers.

This is apparently now the accepted wisdom in Araby, as after 9-11 most Arabs polled believed it was a Mossad plot to make Arabs look bad.

Israel will begin to approach the desired state of peace that HaShem wants for us by becoming truly a people that dwells alone; that withdraws from the ugly UN and stops pleading with the Arabs to make peace with us and become our friends.

Rather than pine for Shimon Peres’s dream of peaceful borders crossed daily by rich merchants and tourists, Israel would do better to cut off to the extent possible all contact with these people because there is an abyss that separates our civilization from their culture.

Israel has to be a true champion of true multiculturalism by telling the world that the world is home to a multiplicity of cultures and societies and between our community and theirs, we have nothing in common.

These Arabs are so different dialogue with them is virtually impossible. If this is how they perceive reality, there is nothing we can do to change their hearts.

Only HaShem knows when and how that will happen, and until then all we can do is live by His commandments in this Land, defend ourselves, but otherwise cast off these dreadfully wrong-headed sabra fantasies of living a normal life next to these to people…