Rituals of Hate

Internet Radio

…Everyone knows of the infamous 1975 resolution calling Zionism a form or racism. But less well known are the 53 other resolutions in which Israel was linked to apartheid South Africa. All know the “Zionism is racism” resolution was annulled in 1991, but that was just meaningless. The accusation remains active today in the Jimmy Carter-esque linking of the name Israel with the word apartheid.

Israelis, typified by Bibi in this desire for normalcy a/k/a a non-Jewish identity, “a place among the nations,” are understandably glum at today’s ritual of hate, but they shouldn’t be. It is possible to rejoice in the animosity directed at us by such societies as found in all 56 Islamic states, not an advanced and democratic one among them where individual liberty is a supreme value. That such peoples’ ambassadors at the UN vote against Israel I accept as a badge of honor. We are their opposites and that stokes their envy…