The Gangs of Araby

Internet Radio

(May 17, 2012) …No, the chronic and bloody clashes with the Arabs here today were not in the top of the news. Which is not to say the problem of violent goyim was absent. On the contrary, the top concern was this seeming wave of rapes of Jewish women by Africans who have illegally entered our country.

I myself have not been through south Tel-Aviv in ages but the reports are repetitive and consistent and believable. For every major horror like these rapes that have been making headlines, there surely have been oodles more that have not. In other words, I believe the reports that in south Tel-Aviv and other areas in Eilat and Arad there are swarms of these Africans who are not political refugees fleeing a dictatorship, each like a fictional Victor Lazlo in Casablanca, freedom fighter against tyranny. They are just guys without work back home looking for work. And not surprisingly, since there are thousands of them here now, statistically they just have to produce an intolerable number of evil ones who are making life in these Jewish communities unlivable.

Which is why Minister Eli Yishai burst out yesterday with his desire they all be rounded up and put in detention camps and shipped out of the country; which of course led to some of the Enlightened angrily protesting; those who relish sticking up for these men. Their own self-image as sisters of mercy is more important to them than the lives of their fellow Jews, often poor Jews now suffering from this unacceptable invasion.

Eli Yishai is now being sued because some idiot called one of these NGOs with threats to burn it down, as fire-bombs have recently been thrown at such do-gooder groups by people fed up with the miserable deterioration of the lives, preyed upon as they are by these violent goyim who have no legal right to be in Israel and certainly no moral right to embitter our lives here in our own country.

So Eli Yishai is being sued as an incendiary provocateur who stimulated this idiot to make this threatening phone call, if indeed that is what happened.

It is a miserable situation, with the Enlightened here paralyzed with fear that if Israel does what it should do – round up the men and drive them from the country – Israel will look bad in the eyes of the goyim; be seen as racists.

These modern-day post-Zionists like Ehud Barak and Bibi Netanyahu are so unlike their dedicated parents and grandparents who didn’t care what was said about them as they fought to build their homes on barren land and fought off this predatory nation of violent Ishmaelites whose whole history is that of thieves, burglars and barbaric highwaymen.

Israel has to gird its loins with belief in itself and its right to the life it wants to live…