Stealing Dates

Internet Radio

…Instead of playing this annoying game, it might be refreshing for an Israeli prime minister to respond in kind to the hijinks of this punk killer Abbas. On Sunday before Abbas left Ramallah on Monday for ultimately New York and the UN, he told supporters that he was going to the UN after “having won the support of all peace-lovers and countries that believe in the Palestinians’ right to self-determination.”

To which an Israeli prime minister might retort, “There are no ‘Palestinians’ and the only nation with a right to self-determination here is the Jewish nation. Mahmoud Abbas was born in 1935 in Tsfat in the Galilee which in Arab-Muslim eyes was in Syria, so he is a Syrian and his state of Syria has been independent since April 1946, 13 months before the Jews declared Israeli statehood. Mahmoud Abbas doesn’t need another state…”