What a Depressing Day

Internet Radio

…So Israel’s policy should be the eventual de-population of the Gaza rectangle as a gigantic petri dish to cultivate a human culture of Jew-hate. Homicidal Jew-hate.

The rockets of the last week have sent scores of Jews into shock. Serious damage to property, to scores of Jewish homes and businesses, has been done. The blast of these rockets even when they land on nothing has shattered countless windows. The nights are getting colder as we move toward winter, and Israel is at a loss over how to stop it.

Goyim are making life intolerable for hundreds of thousands of Jews and Israel is paralyzed thanks to the situation created by the beautiful people, the Enlightened, who still think like St. Simon of Oslo, beloved by the antisemitic goyim in Scandinavia who gave him his Nobel Prize for peace when in truth he brought down on his country not peace but years of horrific carnage…