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Islam’s Murderous Envy

  Thursday - December 14, 2017 6:09 PM EST

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Vying for Jerusalem has been a news story, so to speak, for thousands years. Like a soap opera that never ends, humanity has fought over who owns Jerusalem since ancient Babylon.

And by its existence as the perennial target of envy, Israel’s worst enemies unwittingly salute the truth of Jewishness; that indeed Jerusalem is the world’s uncontested, universal, No. 1 Holy City on the planet.

I mean, to Buddhists in Tibet, Lhasa is their holy city; Japanese adherents of Shinto may regard various mountains sacred; native Americans believe in sacred lakes. But in every case, it was a local belief, not universally accepted the way Jerusalem is and fought over. The fighting over it is the antiJew’s unwitting acceptance that what Jews call holy is the Real McCoy.

Think of the Philistines who captured the Ark of the Covenant containing the tablets in the belief they were the source of Israelis strength and success, not understanding that the tablets were not the source of power. The source was the words and ideas engraved in them, that the Philistines never understood.

Islam is like that…


Who is Dr. Mogherini?

  Tuesday - December 12, 2017 6:53 PM EST

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…I was so ignorant of Jewish history and thought for most of life because I was a so-called Reform Jew — which is bad grammar; it should be Reformed Jew — I was so ignorant because I thought, as I was led to believe, that Hanukkah was a holiday celebrating the abstract principle of freedom of religion for all people, a holiday the American Civil Liberties Union could love.

That’s two mistakes right there. The implication is that Hanukkah has all individuals in the world in mind who have a right to their religious beliefs. For sure they do, but that is not what this holiday is about. It is much closer to home and less universal. It is not about every man and woman’s right to believe what they want to believe. No, Hanukah remembers the Jews resisting those among them who insisted upon reforming the Jewish religion, by, for example, adding pigs to the animals that get sacrificed in the Temple.

These were the Hellenizers who thought it was good to adopt the ways of the Greek culture still dominant in the region after the death of Alexander, when his two principle generals Ptolemy and Seleucus took over, the former in Egypt, the latter Seleucus in Damascus. Greek culture for sure had much to recommend it, but it remained a pagan culture at odds with the ideas and commandments Hashem gives in the Chumash, the first five books of the Bible.

In other words, today’s friction between so called Reform Jews and the classical Jewishness of every community in the world in the 20th century except the United States, is nothing new…


Israel’s Political Cowardice

  Sunday - December 10, 2017 5:36 PM EST

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The news today, I don’t have to tell you. You all know that on Friday night, the Sabbath, where the traditional people in Sderot, originally refugees from Arab mobs in Morocco, and then later refugees from Russia, both these Jewish communities were the victims of homicidal Muslim maniacs.

Like the attempted butcher today at the central bus station in Jerusalem. The attack is online, the video of it. Why don’t Jews do this to Muslims? How different our cultures are.

The American TV comedian Conan Obrien visited Israel recently and the hospital in Tsfat when thousands of Syrian Arabs have come for free medical treatment, since much of Syria is now, one city after another, piles of rubble. Oh how they hate us in Israel for all the terrible things they believe we do that we don’t, and look at what they do to themselves in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Egypt where Copts are periodically murdered and Salafiyyun type terrorists murder Egyptian police and soldiers.

Conan O’Brian in his visit to the hospital in Tsfat said to the Israeli medical staff, which is Jewish and Arab, “You people deserve the Noble Prize for Peace.”


O Jerusalem. Why Jerusalem?

  Thursday - December 7, 2017 7:37 PM EST

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…For myself, I am not overjoyed. In many ways, the US is the greatest country in the history of nations but I have found it unseemly that Jews think we need recognition from anybody, any country. In fact, I have preferred the unanimity of the nations in not recognizing Jerusalem as our capital as a kind of unanimous recognition that it is. That no other country is treated this way is yet another instance of the Jews being treated as a chosen people, chosen for treatment that no other receives.

What also is immensely if oddly complimentary is the anger of the world today in the name of the principle that Jerusalem is a city holy to three faiths and therefore the Jews are being greedy in wanting a monopoly on sovereignty. What is in play is an attitude that is a religious state of mind thousands of years old spiced with resentment at the Jews for having this unique relationship to the G-d Almighty, a special covenant that no other people, no other religion can claim.

Hence, for two thousand years, the Church of Rome has claimed to be the True people of Israel, and therefore true sovereign over the Promised Land. By not only rejecting but murdering their own messiah, the Jews lost that covenant and Roman Catholics took their place.

Indeed, Christianity claimed to be the authentic continuation of the history of the Jews in the Old Testament. Christians had superseded the Jews and become the new chosen people, which idea of supersession then inspired Muhammad to claim that Islam superseded Christianity…


A New Saudi Peace Plan?

  Tuesday - December 5, 2017 7:38 PM EST

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And so is a top story in Israel today, yesterday’s New York Times report on the peace plan Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman presented to Abbas in their meeting last month.

The title of Caroline Glick’s report today was “A credible peace plan, at last.”

No. Even she admits that the details of the plan have not been confirmed by the Saudis. This is standard operating procedure: chumming the waters, so to speak, with bait in the belief the Saudis have finally reconciled themselves to Israel’s right to exist, without officially saying so.

Caroline Glick has many merits as a writer and thinker but with certain deficits. I don’t thinks she knows much of the history of the conflict before she was born as she should, and her analyses never include the religious dimension…


Israelis: Their Own Worst Enemy

  Sunday - December 3, 2017 5:58 PM EST

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…At Auschwitz, the Germans took away our human names and burnt serial numbers into our arms, as if we were diseased cattle being registered before being destroyed, and now with the rise of the “Palestinian” people and their noble cause of national liberation, we ceased to use Judea and Samaria but “West Bank.” It is almost as if today’s MSM in Israel has gone to work for our Nazi-loving enemies by doing their work for them, inscribing our own map with their names that blot out Judea, origin of the word Jew, and Samaria, origin of the Christian story of the Good Samaritan.

That Israel and the Jewish people have gone along with this corruption of language, truth and thought to the detriment of the Jewish people is a national disgrace.

Jews are supposed to be so smart and clever and can be, so I find it amazing that only Golda Meir stood out among her generation of founding fathers and mothers of the state in standing up to the monstrous lie that there was another nation besides the Jewish nation with a right to a state in Palestine, a.k.a., the land of Israel, a.k.a. the Promised Land.

It is an outrage that these primitive intellects, the Arabs, have been able, via acts of terror on the world stage, to impose their fraudulent history according to which Palestine belongs to the “Palestinians,” a people absent from the country’s history that is thousands of years old.

Historians of the future may marvel at this fact; the absolute Israeli refusal to stand up from day one to the nonsense of the existence of this other people with the identical right to statehood in the land whose 1,000 years of history can be found in Tanakh, the Bible.

So desperate were the post-religious Zionists to create a post-religious state, they were willing to waive their rights to the heart of the Promised Land, Judea and Samaria. The No. 1 iconic act of this generation was Moshe Dayan in 1967 returning the Temple Mount to the Muslim. The gesture sent the message, “We Israelis don’t care about such things.”

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