A Remarkable Man

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So today’s General Assembly vote means absolutely nothing. It is another exercise in exercising one’s hostility to the Jews, and I think I know why. Because the return of the Jews to Israel and the resurrection of Jerusalem lends much gravitas to the Jewish claim to being the Chosen People with a Scripture unbelievably prophetic about exile and return. Christians have been able to cope with the return before the Second Coming but not the Muslims. The resurrection of the Jewish state is a mortal threat to Islam concretized in the Temple Mount and who owns it. Islam, remember, is the religion of the seed of Ishmael, a first-born son who did not inherit as a first-born because he was just too uncivilized. He had the temperament of an undomesticated donkey in the wilderness trapped inside the body of a man.

He was even expelled from his father’s household, he was so incorrigible. Disinherited, he lost out to his younger, half-brother. Expelled with his mother, he was profligate with the generous supply of water for their journey back to Egypt that Avraham had given them, and they ran out of water. He began to dehydrate and his mother, who could not bear his suffering, abandoned him to suffer alone. Ishmael was one bitter fellow at that point. No wonder he went on to became an outlaw enemy of civilization whose livelihood was armed robbery of defenseless, innocent travelers…