A Political Earthquake?

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Here is Mahmoud Abbas sounding like the progressive, pluralistic Pope of Reform Jews Rabbi Rick Jacobs. O, those terrible, exclusivist Orthodox Jews.

Abbas complained that the US has “ignored that East Jerusalem is part of the occupied state of Palestine, an occupied city where church property in the future is being threatened by the occupier and groups of Zionist fundamentalists.”

And I find it astounding that this man has had and continues to receive from otherwise civilized and sane people polite respect.

I think it helps that he is clean-shaven. No keffiya on his head, wears a suit and tie, and thus projects the image of a civilized, indeed educated, indeed awarded a PhD in History for his winning thesis there was no Holocaust.

The guy is a soulmate of David Irving. And now that relations appeared to be severed, we can return to a more sober analysis of our endless self-defense without any more delusions of a “Palestinian” people with rights to statehood…