O Jerusalem. Why Jerusalem?

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…For myself, I am not overjoyed. In many ways, the US is the greatest country in the history of nations but I have found it unseemly that Jews think we need recognition from anybody, any country. In fact, I have preferred the unanimity of the nations in not recognizing Jerusalem as our capital as a kind of unanimous recognition that it is. That no other country is treated this way is yet another instance of the Jews being treated as a chosen people, chosen for treatment that no other receives.

What also is immensely if oddly complimentary is the anger of the world today in the name of the principle that Jerusalem is a city holy to three faiths and therefore the Jews are being greedy in wanting a monopoly on sovereignty. What is in play is an attitude that is a religious state of mind thousands of years old spiced with resentment at the Jews for having this unique relationship to the G-d Almighty, a special covenant that no other people, no other religion can claim.

Hence, for two thousand years, the Church of Rome has claimed to be the True people of Israel, and therefore true sovereign over the Promised Land. By not only rejecting but murdering their own messiah, the Jews lost that covenant and Roman Catholics took their place.

Indeed, Christianity claimed to be the authentic continuation of the history of the Jews in the Old Testament. Christians had superseded the Jews and become the new chosen people, which idea of supersession then inspired Muhammad to claim that Islam superseded Christianity…