Israel’s Political Cowardice

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The news today, I don’t have to tell you. You all know that on Friday night, the Sabbath, where the traditional people in Sderot, originally refugees from Arab mobs in Morocco, and then later refugees from Russia, both these Jewish communities were the victims of homicidal Muslim maniacs.

Like the attempted butcher today at the central bus station in Jerusalem. The attack is online, the video of it. Why don’t Jews do this to Muslims? How different our cultures are.

The American TV comedian Conan Obrien visited Israel recently and the hospital in Tsfat when thousands of Syrian Arabs have come for free medical treatment, since much of Syria is now, one city after another, piles of rubble. Oh how they hate us in Israel for all the terrible things they believe we do that we don’t, and look at what they do to themselves in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Egypt where Copts are periodically murdered and Salafiyyun type terrorists murder Egyptian police and soldiers.

Conan O’Brian in his visit to the hospital in Tsfat said to the Israeli medical staff, which is Jewish and Arab, “You people deserve the Noble Prize for Peace.”