Two Kinds of Madness

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Featuring: Political, historical, religious commentary with modern Israeli music
Webcast Title: Two Kinds of Madness
Webcast Date: 08/06/2009 (Rerun)
Length: 36:56 Minutes
(August 6, 2009) “…Last webcast the name of Raphael Patai came up, author of The Arab Mind which was much read, I believe, by U.S. Army officers serving in the field in the first years of the conquest of Iraq.”And that Arab mind was on display again in Bethlehem today (of all places) when over two thousand delegates to the Fatah conclave in the following order 1) unanimously blamed Israel for assassinating (that’s an Arabic-root word) Arafat and 2) called for an investigation into the assassination.

“Follow the sequence: First indict and judge guilty, then call for an investigation…”

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