Depriving the Jews of Jerusalem

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Webcast Title: Depriving the Jews of Jerusalem
Webcast Date: 12/08/2009
Length: 42:36 Minutes
(December 8, 2009) “…I mean, there are other cities in the world — like the Ishmaelites’ Mecca and Tibetan Buddhists’ Lhasa — called holy by their devotees but no city to match Jerusalem, with its Jewish name, which is coveted by billions of adherents who deny it to the Jews. Make no mistake: the decision today by the 27 largely post-Christian European nations, that is, the vote of their foreign ministers in the boring city of Brussels, Belgium, called for Jerusalem to be the capital city of two separate nations, the Children of Israel and Arabs pretending to be of the seed of Canaanites and Philistines. But its subterranean intent was not about sharing but depriving the Jews of the heart of the heart of their Holy City….”  
Program Link: “Jerusalem: A Growing Powder Keg in Mideast”
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