The Great Peace Process Hoax

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Webcast Title: The Great Peace Process Hoax
Webcast Date: 07/23/2009 (Rerun)
Length: 34:29 Minutes
(July 23, 2009) “…We are close to being six million Jews surrounded on three sides by Arabs swimming in oil wealth, 300 million of them. Only two of the 21 Arab states have signed peace us; nonetheless we are the ‘aggressors’ in this relationship. We are the oppressors, the humiliators of the real, ancient owners of Palestine. And never mind that the Arabs did not start calling this region Palestine until 1917 when the Brits started calling it Palestine. In actual fact, by 1919, the leader of the Arabs here, the Muslim priest Haj Amin al-Husseini, founded a newspaper whose title expressed the whole purpose of the founding of the newspaper. He called it Southern Syria, because he objected violently to the British conquest of the country and their plan, their mandate from the League of Nations, to create a jurisdiction called Palestine. The Muslims had never administered such a territory in all their fourteen centuries. In their mind’s eye this was all southern Syria…”  
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