Trouble Ahead?

Internet Radio

…So in addition to Obama’s display of Muslim solidarity in his demand that Israel stop beating up on his brethren, one of his brethren was in excellent, classical Muslim Arab form via the performance in a message from Muhammad Dif, HAMAS’s head terrorist, who has survived over the years four failed Israel attempts to give him a free ride to Muslim paradise. He was heard in a taped message saying “Our fighters want to die like your soldiers want to live.”

I read that and thought, “Excellent: a perfect self-portrait, a mirror image of us Jews. The Arabs, the sons of Ishmael, are thieves like their forefather and in this case, as in so many others, they define themselves via their feelings toward us. If we love life, they love death.

It is like the appropriateness of their symbol of the half-moon crescent. For what is a half-moon but a world partially in the sunlight, partially shrouded in total darkness? The half-moon is like a veiled Muslim woman, out in public but hiding, as Muslims typically present a public image which masks the true, reverse image underneath. This is the principle of taqqiya — dissembling — which they practice, as Arabs, not only with enemy Jews and other infidels but among themselves. They go through life constantly “lying,” which is to say saying one thing in public and doing another when the moment is over.

The moon is also a world which produces no life, no light, no energy. All it does is reflect the light and energy created elsewhere…