The Old-New Blood Libel

Internet Radio

…I find this so bizarre. What is so difficult to understand? These Nazi-like Muslims this very week and not for the first time were calling for the killing of all Jews, and here is the UN blaming Israel for the deaths in Gaza when that charge is so, on its face, absurd. What does it benefit us to spend time and the price of ammunition on killing children who do not threaten us? We target the adult males in this community who do fire at us; them we are determined to shoot dead.

We want these missile attacks to stop; how does deliberately killing children bring us closer to that goal? What do we benefit from such behavior which we also know from past experience brings on a cascade of abuse and calumny and charges of war crimes?

At bottom, we are charged with some kind of perverse pleasure in killing Arab children and other innocents, since it offers no material gain, no political advantage.

The accusation also implies some kind of colossal stupidity on our part. If we deliberately kill children and others in Gaza who do not threaten us, we are morons for we know we will be accused of war crimes. Are we such slaves of our need to kill Arab children? The accusation also flies in the face of other evidence portraying Israel as the most careful army in the world…