Kerry’s Betrayal

Internet Radio

…While Israel has been relentless in smashing Gaza as it smashed Dahiya, the Shiite neighborhood in Beirut in 2006 that was home to Hezballah, HAMAS is having much success in the matter of igniting Jew-hatred around the globe as the media feature one gruesome image after another of an Arab child “murdered” by the Jews.

It is really quite a psycho-drama that is being played out. Remember how this latest volcanic eruption of Muslim barbarism began? With the kidnapping and murder of our three boys, and here HAMAS orchestrates scenes intended to smear us Jews with being child-killers. It is almost as if this latest round is meant as a distraction from the terrible guilt HAMAS incurred by that triple homicide.

And what they are doing in Gaza by shooting off these projectiles is forcing Israel to retaliate with its projectiles as HAMAS threatens with death anyone who tries to escape the targeted areas; anyone who listens to Israel’s warning and advice to save themselves. HAMAS forces Israel to attack and sees to it that the victims are women and children, the legendary “innocent” civilians in order to spread the calumny that Israel deliberately murders innocent civilians presumably for the sheer, sadistic pleasure of it when otherwise the activity has no military purpose. Jews just like to shed Arab blood.

In effect, they are stage-managing events to paint us Jews in the same colors as that crazed Arab in that police station in Ramallah ecstatic with having dipped both his hands in the blood of a Jew he had just beaten beyond recognition to death. It is Israel that is blood-thirsty and murders Balestinians at random… when of course Arab terrorism has always been the murder of innocent Jewish civilians at random going about their daily lives in bus stations and fast food restaurants. This whole operation is fueled in part by this Arab need to portray the Jews as the guilty party, guilty of their sins. The Jew as scapegoat…